The sheet metal department is one of the largest owner of the site.
It includes a thirty person with the ability to double its workforce in case of heavy work
It is grouped into three sections: sheet metal, welding, pumping.

    The department is supervised by team leaders:
  • Mahe Georges
    • Wesley Jean Marie

    Works :

  • Repair hull, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Repair superstructure, accommodation, bridge and capacity.
  • Repair door, panels and windows sealing.
  • Installation of timber bridges.
  • Repairing of all types of boiler:
    • Steel,
    • Strainless,
    • Aluminum,
    • Copper.
  • qualified personnel by APAVE and BV: arc, MIG, TIG.
  • Pumping, degassing capacity, oil recycling by an authorized company.