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The Shipyard

About us

Located in Port Louis, Mauritius’s capital, CNOI Shipyard (Chantier Naval de l'Ocean Indien) is one of the leading ship-repair and ship-building yards in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is situated at a strategic point, whereby the island figures on the route of various merchant navies. The island is close to significant fishing grounds as it lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the Antarctic Ocean.

Born in 2001 with 25 employees, the CNOI, with the support of the IBL Group, has continued to develop to become today a leader in ship repair and construction in the Indian Ocean. Indeed, IBL is one of the largest Mauritian groups employing more than 26,000 people. Through the IBL group, the CNOI is at the heart of a global integration strategy around SeaFood, ranging from activities related to boats, fishing, storage and processing of fish and its co-products.

CNOI today :

  • 400 direct employment
  • 1000 indirect employment
  • More than 45 million Euros of investments in its infrastructures
  • An essential infrastructure for the region's maritime players
  • A VIKING station
  • A various amount of partners (ABB, Hempel, Altex, Schottel, Yanmar, Baudouin)
  • A trading activity that allows to sell both on the Mauritian market and to other shipyards.
  • More than 2 million euros of material in stock, all specialties combined


  • 56 000 m2 of area
  • 7500 m2 of covered area with the suitable lifting devices
  • 370 meters of dock
  • A dry dock 130 meters long and 27 meters wide
  • A dry dock 130 meters long and 27 meters wide
  • A mobile boat hoist of 1500 tons
  • A various amount of partners (ABB, Hempel, Altex, Schottel, Yanmar, Baudouin)
  • A Viking station
  • 2 tower cranes 10 and 12 tons
  • 3 mobile cranes of 30, 65 and 120 tons
  • 2 overhead cranes of 20 tons- 16 meters under hook
  • 4 overhead cranes of 10 tons- up to 12 meters under hook
  • 1 overhead crane of 5 tons- 6 meters under hook
For several years, CNOI has been working on a major expansion project. This began in 2019 with the acquisition of more than one additional hectare, increasing the working area from 4.5 to 5.6 hectares. A reorganization is therefore underway with the creation of new workshops:
– atelier construction neuve de 1400m2
– atelier mécanique lourde de 410m2
– atelier électricité/réfrigération de 380m2
– atelier et stockage isolation de 200m2
– entrepôt de stockage d’environ 2000 palettes

A new sheet metal yard has also been created, the shops and storage warehouses have been extended, new offices were built for the administration’s personnel as well as for the shipowners. This project has been marked with the acquisition of the world’s biggest mobile boat hoist. During the second trimester of 2020, CNOI has ordered an elevator of 1500t with the Italian company CIMOLAI. This new lifting tool, commissioned in November 2021, replace the older synchrolift, and allows up to 5 ships to be dry-docked simultaneously on the new berth.


Creation of the entity Chantier naval de l'Océan Indien (Indian Ocean Shipyard)


Delivery of a longliner for Madagascar


Creation of the dry dock


Silicone paint on a tuna boat. World premiere


Delivery of a longliner for Reunion Island


Delivery of the patrol vessel Atsantsa for the surveillance of Madagascar's fisheries


Extension of the site to an additional 150 meters of quay + 1000 ton elevator


Jumboization of the Austral Leader II


Pile barge + amphidrome 50 meters Georges Nahouda


Amphidrome 67 meters Pole


Amphidrome 67 meters Karihani + Shrimper Austral Hunter


400e passing boat in its dry dock


Beginning of the expansion work


Order of a 1500t webbing elevator



CNOI is the "one-stop shop" for ship repair in the Indian Ocean. Ship owners who come to the shipyard to make their technical calls benefit from the advantages offered by Mauritius: supplies, air and sea services and the facilities of the "seafood hub".

The shipyard is used to accommodate tuna purse seiners with a storage capacity between 700 and 2200 tons and a length varying between 70 and 115 meters.

Several years ago, the CNOI signed a contract with the French Navy for the maintenance and repair of its frigates based in Reunion Island.

At the end of 2018, the CNOI celebrated 400th boat passaging in its dry dock since its creation. With its dry dock as well as its elevator that can dry-dock boats up to 1000 tons, the CNOI has intervened on many types of boats:

  • Fishing Vessels :
  • Tuna seiners from France, Spain, Seychelles, Mauritius and Korea
  • Longliners
  • Shrimpers
  • Service Vessels
  • Towboats
  • Lifeboats
  • Barges
  • Pilotines
  • Dredgers
  • buoy tender boat
  • Supply Vessels
  • Oceanographic vessels
  • Watch ships
  • French Navy Frigates
  • Patrol boats (coastguard, customs officers...)
  • Cargo vessels
  • Container vessel
  • Gas boat
  • Tankers
  • Refrigerated ships
  • Rouliers
  • Passenger Vessel
  • Containers / Amphidromes
  • Speed boat
  • Pleasure craft


New ship building represents a significant part of the activity on the shipyard. Thanks to international quality standards and working in accordance with the requirements of ship classification societies (Bureau Veritas, APAVE...), the CNOI's clients are mainly French (based in Reunion Island and Mayotte), Madagascan, Australian and Mauritian. 

Since its creation, 31 ships have left the workshops of the CNOI :

  • A 31.5 meter shrimp boat (Australia)
  • Amphidromic tubs up to 67 meters (Mayotte and Madagascar)
  • A 35-meter fisheries patrol boat (Madagascar)
  • A 15-meter pilot (Mauritius)
  • A longliner (Reunion Island)
  • A pile barge (Reunion Island)
  • A 14-meter tugboat (Portugal)
  • Barges up to 35 meters
  • skiffs
  • LCT
  • A depolluter

Two other achievements have marked the history of the CNOI

  • A total overhaul of a 39m Aluminum passenger ship (Mayotte)
  • Jumboization of a longliner: 8.2-metre extension (Australia)
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