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Chef d’équipe Pompier Secouriste


  • Chef d’équipe Pompier Secouriste
  • minimum 10 years of experience
  • CNOI
  • 25/10/2022

Placed under the responsibility of the Head of Health and safety Department, the Chef d’equipe Pompier Secouriste, co-manages firefighters, intervenes, and gives directives during various rescue operations.


Employee Management 

  • Monitor employee attendance, plan and assign work
  • Fill in employees’ worksheet daily 
  • Control the proper execution of the assigned tasks and ensure compliance with the company’s rules and regulations

Training and Rescue Operations 

  • Train the team in first aid and firefighting techniques 
  • Intervene and lead the team during rescue operations 
  • Plan and participate in regular physical activities to ensure an excellent performance during rescue interventions 

Other duties

  • Involve in developing safety processes and procedures. 
  • Monitor the proper functioning and condition of equipment and inform in case of restocking or maintenance needs. 
  • Present onsite at least 2/4 weekends 

Other Requisites: 

  • Have at least 10 years of experience as a firefighter
  • A proven experience in team management would be an advantage 
  • Agile and having good analytical skills 
  • Strong communication and listening skills 
  • Good stress management 
  • Good stress management 
  • Be in good physical and emotional condition 

If you meet these criteria, send us your application (CV and cover letter) by email on recrutement@cnoi.info with the reference CEP.10.22 in subject or via our website.www.cnoi.info 

Only candidates who meet the criteria will be contacted for an interview.