Specialized in the naval construction and repairs since 2001
Monday - Friday

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Freeport Zone n°11

Mer Rouge - Port Louis Mauritius

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Manager: Stephen NIN Team Leaders: Yannick AUGUSTIN - Pierre HAREL - Florian JARRAULT - Chris MOOKEN Team 20
Areas of activity :      Montage neuf et réparation bord :
  • Installation of systems in new buildings
  • Follow-up of plan in agreement with the engineering and design department
  • Start-up, modification, validation of various electrical networks (low-voltage, low-voltage, low-voltage, high-voltage, COM, etc.).
  • Manufacture of electrical distribution cabinets according to studies and plans.
  • Refit, modification of various systems (hydraulics, fittings, diesel engine, generator...)
  • Visit and rewind of electric motors and alternators of all brands up to 2MW.
  • Engine cleaning with ICE BLASTING process on board or in the workshop
  • Testing, validation and adjustment of control systems: alternators up to 2MW, alone or in parallel.
  • Tests, measurements and adjustments of on-board safety systems (fire detection, rescue, various servo-controls, diesel safety systems)
 Maintenance of the site's electrical installations :
  • Connection of the boats to the shipyard network
  • Building maintenance
  • Construction and modification of installations
  • Repair of various electroportable devices
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