Specialized in the naval construction and repairs since 2001
Monday - Friday

8 am - 10 pm



Freeport Zone n°11

Mer Rouge - Port Louis Mauritius


Manager : Julien LAGRANGE

Team Leader: Jeannot BOLARAM

Team: 15 people

Areas of activity :
  • Intervention on hydraulic, compressed air and gasoil circuits
  • Overhaul and adjustment of all types of winches (seine and auxiliary winches)
  • Refurbishment of all types of cylinders
  • Reconditioning and adjustment of hydraulic motors
  • Replacement or fabrication of new piping systems and HP hoses
  • Replacement and adjustment of all types of hydraulic pumps
  • Restart and tuning of the systems at the end of the technical stop with customer validation.
Infrastructure :
  • Workshop of 240 m22
  • Several hydraulic power units (different pressures and flow rates) for tests in the workshop, temporary replacement of the hydraulic generation on board (for the descent of chains in dry dock) or for the flushing of piping on board.
  • Stripper and crimper for HP hoses (from 1/4'' to 1'1/2'')
  • Virax bending machines for the manufacture of rigid pipework
  • Welding stations (arc, TIG and MIG)
  • Hydraulic data acquisition suitcase able to read and record all pressures, flows and speeds allowing the realization of graphs for technical reports.
  • Suitcase for checking and inflating the accumulators
  • Warehouse of about 4000 references: steel and stainless steel fittings, HP hoses (2, 4 and 5 plies), metric and gas rigid hoses (steel and stainless steel).
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