The CNOI Shipyards activity

Based in Mauritius, the CNOI Shipyard holds a strategic position : it is between the Indian Ocean and Antarctic fishing zones and is close to the main merchant navy routes.

The yard does both ship-building and ship-repairs. Born in 2001, the CNOI Shipyard is fully operational since 2003 with the opening of a 130m long dry-dock. The yard employs today about 300 people.

   Ship-repair clients are the following :

  • Fishing ships (trawler, linig vessels, seiners...)
  • Tugs (coastal harbour tug ,oceangoing tug ,salvage tug,...)
  • Service vessels (antipollution crafts, sea-going barge, pilot boats , dredgers ...)
  • Transport oh freight (bulk carriers, porte-containers carriers...)
  • Public service vessels (research vessel, training,...)
  • Patrol vessels (Marine, custom vessels, Coast guard, Police...)
  • Liners (passenger ships,caulker glass vessels...)

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