The Shipyard
Launched in 2001, the CNOI is specialised in both ship-building and ship-repairs. The shipyard is fully operational since 2003 with the opening of a 130m long dry-dock.

Key dates:
  • 2001: creation of the yard and construction of a longliner for Madagascar
  • 2003: dry-dock’s creation
  • 2006: construction of a longliner for Reunion Island and silicon paint on a tuna boat (world first)
  • 2007: construction of Atsantsa, Malagasy patrol boat
  • 2008: extension of the site with the creation of 150m of additional quay and the installation of a 1000t hoist
  • 2011: jumboisation of Austral Leader II
  • 2014: construction of the double ended ferry Georges Nahouda and a jackup barge, the Seanergy
  • 2016: construction of the double ended ferry Polé
  • 2017: construction of the shrimp trawler Austral Hunter and the double ended ferry Karihani
  • 2018: construction of the barge Alpha I
  • 2019: construction of the barge Immersion
Since 2003, more than 400 vessels were placed in the dry-dock, with a thorough list of different types of vessels such as:
  • Fishing ships (trawler, lining vessels, seiners...)
  • Tugs (coastal harbour tug, oceangoing tug, salvage tug,..)
  • Service vessels (antipollution crafts, sea-going barge, pilot boats, dredgers...)
  • Freight transport vessel (bulk carriers, container ship, carriers...)
  • Public service vessels (research vessel, training...)
  • Patrol vessels (Marine, custom vessels, Coast guard, Police...)
  • Liners (passenger ships, caulker glass vessels...)
The maintenance of these vessels is possible due to the infrastructures:
  • A 130m of dry-dock
  • A 1000t boat lift
  • More than 350m of quay
  • 3 mobile cranes
  • 2 tower cranes
The CNOI proposes a set of competences needed for shipbuilding. Since the yard’s creation, there are more than 31 boats which were built:
  • Tugs
  • Shrimp trawlers
  • Longliners
  • Anti-pollution boats
  • Patrol boats
  • Double ended ferries
  • Passenger vessel
  • Pilot boat
  • Barges
  • Skiffs
  • LCT

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